About Us

Our projects promote awareness of our inheritance and heritage; the world we live in; new skills and education, social inclusion and creativity. We work with a variety of people, and ages, in a wide range of projects using digital media and the arts.

We work with people of all ages including those with disabilities, behavioural challenges and issues of exclusion, to raise awareness of difficult subjects, to make history come to life and to ensure that valuable research and memories are recorded for posterity.

All participants get the opportunity to document the key findings of the project through drama and film making, digital photography, music technology and all other aspects of digital creative media. Some of our programmes have focussed on older people, particularly in oral history and IT training, and many have been intergenerational.

We work with older people using reminiscence and oral history as a means to record and preserve our heritage, and to confirm their value in society. Sometimes the memories are then acted out by older and younger people and filmed which promotes sustainable learning and a deeper, integrated sense of learning. The filmed material is often accompanied by a booklet, hard copy and on-line which contains the history and extracts from the interviews that relate to the project. Using film, drama and digital techniques brings the heritage to life for participants and although it is a small part of our programmes it is an important aspect to learning.

Our objective is to make history come to life, and to ensure that valuable research and memories are recorded for future generations: held within museums, libraries, schools and records offices as well as on-line; and live in the hearts and minds of everyone involved.

Our programmes provide stimulating, exciting, and challenging educational experiences to all ages, social groupings, and abilities. All workshops and projects are provided by experienced freelance professionals with full monitoring and evaluation processes integrated into the programmes. We work with over 20 freelance specialists, and we employ no staff only qualified sessional workers.
Our aim is to stimulate participants through interaction, creativity and knowledge, to increase their awareness of their heritage and their community and environment. We are funded through grants.

Formed in 2002, we have managed and facilitated over 1000 programmes, working with over 4,500 participants and many organisations including the National Youth Theatre, MENCAP, Age UK, RNIB, East Sussex County Council, the Youth Development Service and the UK Film Council.

Sound Architect Creative Media has an active Board of Trustees and Directors and runs all its programmes through funding from Charities, Foundations and Trusts.

Volunteering within our operations and projects is actively encouraged and all our personnel have enhanced DBS checks and attend regular training sessions to ensure that we monitor our performance and update our procedures.